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Sorry, couldn’t help it.

More to the point, what the hell does 755 mean when referring to file permissions? You may remember, way back in my first post, that I talked about the output of ls -l showing you the permissions for files. Well, that chain of permissions, rwxrwxrwx can be represented quite simply octal notation. Why octal? Because each permission can be represented as a single bit, each group of permissions is three-bits, an octal number is three bits, and, as far as I can tell, our UNIX fore-bearers liked to make things confusing and intimidating for non-users. So there.

Therefore, if we go back to 755, we can convert each digit to binary, giving us 111 101 101 which tells us that the permissions for a file with the mode of 755 is rwx for its owner, r-x for its group, and r-x again for all others.


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