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Tower defense games: everyone’s played them in some form, they’re pretty ubiquitous in this touchscreen world.  At lunch today, I hit upon a new twist that I don’t think has been tackled before: the WiFi needs of users at a large organization (in this case, a school).

Now imagine that they want to kill you because they can’t get on Facebook to post another twelve duckface selfies.

The idea is that you, the player, are the sysadmin on a school campus.  You have a budget for network infrastructure, and you need to keep the WiFi running and able to meet the demands of the users as they bring in more and more devices.  You can get status reports from various parts of your user base much like you could get reports from your cabinet in Sim City 2000, and your life bar would tick down and more and more users stream into the always-open door of your office.  Your campus would start small but eventually expand as you got more users (students).  The construction of buildings would, of course, affect the signal of your access points, and you would also have to make sure that you had enough switchports and network drops available to connect both APs and wired users.

The best part?  It teaches while you learn!  Balancing user needs against a budget and battling all the issues that can come from a mix of WiFi infrastructure and user devices and needs is a useful skill.  Will you force an SSID to go entirely to 5GHz at the risk of crippling a cart full of ancient laptops that only have a 2.4GHz antenna?  What do you do when you start piloting a one-to-one program?

So my call to you, fair readers, is to help me make this game a reality.  I’m not a game designer, but I am a sysadmin, so I am familiar with a lot of scenarios, and, with my training as a writer and my general nature, I have ideas and opinions, which I would be happy to force upon share with you if you decide to jump on board.

I also have a GitHub repo for the project.  I hope that you can help me make this project happen.


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