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A week ago (as of this writing) I was just a regular IT Support tech at a private school in the East Bay, then I was offered a promotion to the position of (Jr.) Sysadmin.  I took it, but I have a lot still to learn, and I learn best by trying to put things into my own words.

This blog will be a lot of technical stuff as I get up to speed on Linux systems administration and the nitty-gritty of networking, but hopefully it will be accessible to the less technically-inclined or those wishing to go down my path.

Throughout this blog, I am likely to use silly and possibly somewhat off-color examples (though I’ll always try to keep it SFW) because filenames like butts.txt amuse me. This is because I am an overgrown man-child.

For those of you wondering, the name of this blog comes from this Questionable Content strip, the last panel of which I was particularly taken with.


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