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Today a coworker asked me to take a look at our Munki repository because it was exhibiting some strange behavior with regards to Firefox. As of this writing, Firefox is at version 46.0.1, but Munki was insisting that version 42.0 was the most recent version.

Our Munki repo updates packages automatically as much as possible through Autopkgr, so I started by running through all the configuration options on there, but nothing seemed amiss. Further, in the directory tree used by Autopkgr, the earliest version of Firefox was 43.0.

Finally, I deleted Firefox 42.0 off of the machine that had precipitated this investigation and then checked the access logs for Apache on the repo server. It turns out that at some point in the past, Firefox had been imported into the repo at the base of the directory tree, repo/pkgs/, and that instance of Firefox was taking precedence over the Autopkgr-updated version residing at repo/pkgs/apps/firefox/.

So there you have it. If a package on your Munki repo seems stuck at an older version no matter how many times you download a newer version, check to see if there’s another version of that package higher up the directory tree.


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